L'infini en question. Massimo Listri's perspective

Reggia di Venaria II, Piemonte 2007 
Reggia di Venaria I, Piemonte 2007 
Palazzo Reale III, Stockholm, 1998
4 Biblioteca di Michelozzo a S. Marco, Firenze, 2009
5 Stupinigi I, Piemonte, 2007  

photos © Massimo Listri

When asked about his distinctive manner and technique, Massimo Listri reveals that it is purely a question of sensibility. "Intuition is something you cannot learn, it is your emotions, the way you look at your subject. Technique is just a tool which we all have to learn at the beginning of our career." Is everything a question of perspective or of approaching life from the right vantage point? "My photography is an expression of tranquility and silence in this chaotic society -a sense of perspective and equilibrium. This is therapy for the soul. Every time I take a photo is like the first time a treasure is revealed, a first emotion, be it an empty room or the greatest treasures of the Vatican." It might be that those photos are so fascinating because they confront us with a meditation on the nature of the infinite. Massimo Listri declares that his work was  strongly influenced by Piero della Francesca. More about Massimo Listri on Yatzer.

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