Idioms, Phrases and Moral Tales. Rory Dobner's Intricate World of Ink

a fly on the wall(idiom)someone who can secretly see 
and hear what happens 

English illustrator Rory Dobner lives and works in beautiful Hampstead. Gambling addict foxes, gun-toting octopuses, cupcake-eating lizards, traveling mouses with umbrella, smoking fish,  geyhounds with shabby top hats and chains, crowned bees are just a few of the quirky characters he is turning out of his whimsical imaginative world. No wonder he answered he would be a Victorian magician  - when asked by Life.style.etc what he would be in another life.

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Bonne année 2014

A supercalifragilisticexpialidocious new year to all my readers from wherever you happen to read me! Thank you for your visits and uplifting messages. Thank you for sharing with me this little patch of dreamland.

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