Imperfect Lab. Verter Turroni & Emanuela Raveli's Organic Creations

1 Favo modular wall elements design Imperfettolab
2 Mirroe sculptural mirror design Verter Turroni 

Mercurio, vitro fib design Imperfettolab

4 Nido fibreglass armchair design Imperfettolab
5 Mercurio in a garden  designed by Xavier Loup
6&7 The designers'home in Marie-claire Maison

"'Imperfetto not as imprecision, but rather as something unique and exclusive, such as the objects in fibreglass that il laboratorio dell’imperfetto designs and produces in its artistic workshop in Gambettola." By creating their own design studio Verter Turroni and his wife Emanuela Ravelli aimed at  finding a synthesis between natural and artificial elements. Their design work is close to sculpture. Each piece is made from a common mould, which is then sanded, painted and hand-polished. They pay exceptional attention to details that derives from an expert and skillful craftsmanship so that each piece acquires identity and uniqueness. Their creations recall the world of nature with their organic shapes and names  such as Bulbi (bulbs), Gusci (shells), Ciottoli (pebbles).  

A voir le reportage de Marie-Claire maison sur leur atelier, un ancien local de ferrailleur reconverti dans la province d'Emilie-Romagne.  

Verter Turroni, Emanuela Raveli and  their children on Pirouette


  1. The family portrait is excellent - very playful.

    1. Thank you for your steady reading. I am happy you enjoyed this post.