Bestiary and Trinkets. Jessica Barensfeld's World of Adornment

Jessica Barensfeld is a jewelry designer, together with photographer Simon Howell they have created their own nest and stylelife  in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Simon being an Englishman from Yorkshire and Jessica  being born in Manhattan, they have somehow brought old York and new York a little  closer. Jessica decided to leave her job to dedicate herself to her passions, knitting, creating jewelry and surfing. They come up with new projects all the time. They have just started an online shop selling  wooly hats, lovingly hand knit either by Mama Simon in Yorkshire or by Jessica herself. "Keep it simple" could be their motto. "Sometimes, it can feel like a waste of time and it is not easy. It can be very tense and difficult. I was having a much more stable life with my full time position, but the rewards I get now are so much greater. Yes, I do have money freak outs, but we make it happen, which is the amazing thing about being with Simon. Every month somehow we do make it happen." Interview from Freunde von FreundenThey enjoy timelessness in company of their two black cats and a barrowed dog. I enjoyed her diary blog so much, click here to enter her world of bears, Bears in a field

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