Vanitas (1) Wieki Somers

Consume or Conserve?  2010

Delicious decadent, High teapot 2003
I find the deep fantasy of Wieki Somers' work and its intense awareness very stimulating. I am very much moved by the subtle and contradictory way she questions our aesthetic feeling. Her insightful creativity sometimes challenges us to rethink some our most established rituals and values.  With "Consume or conserve?" she diverts the visual language of vanitas paintings of the 16th and 17th century by applying it to contemporory banal electric devices, a toaster or a vaccum cleaner. With "High teapot" she introduces uneasyness in a bourgeois ritual moment: "horror and delight, celebration and menace" the work presentation announces ... Browsing her site is highly revigorating,  Studio Wieki Somers.

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