Lotty Lindeman's Challenging Creations

Lotty Lindeman, Ontspruiten 2006 limited edition Arums Galerie Paris

Lotty Lindeman,Ontspruiten 2006

Nathalie Pasqua's home by photographer Yvan Tereschenko for Elle Decor Italia October 2010

"Man move things. Without the interference of human beings, objects like furniture are just shape. A function is only attached by use. The chair, initially an indefinable shape, transforms into a comfortable chair at the moment you sit down and folds back by itself as soon as you stand up (...). The chair is a dialog between man and object, a conversation in space. The chair is built up of a mechanical stainless steel frame which is covered by a woolen woven felt. Hundreds of tiny hinges make this fabric fold and expand. The making process is on the edge of what is possible and takes over a three weeks for each chair; it is a challenge to produce." Frankie Flood in Handverker.

This stunning chair by Lotty Lindeman, edited by Arums galerie reminds me  of other iconic design chairs, the B306 by Charlotte Perriand, Le Corbusier, and Edouard Jeanneret or the folding Lounge Chair by Eileen Gray for her project E 1027. More about it on Kaufmann Mercantile blog, "Eileen Gray E 1027 and the Architecture of Secrets."

Charlotte Perriand, on the B 306 Chaise Longue 1928, Design Museum London 

 Folding Lounge Chair by Eillen Gray, open on Kaufmann Mercantile blog

Folding lounge chair by Eileen Gray, folded on
Kaufmann Mercantile blog

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