Galerie Salon Paris

The celebration of the end of Winter and the reverie on Sweden reminded me of a very special parisian shop in Saint Germain des Prés, rue Bourbon Le Château. The young couple who created Galerie Salon some years ago have retained some childhood magic. Through the years they have created a wonderful world of their own.  Their blog is full of little gems and I am moved by the way they openly tell their journeys on the roads hunting for unique pieces of the past through uneven Scandinavian landscapes.  Some of my favorite posts  here: GALERIE SALON - Antiquités & Astier de Villatte: jour J and GALERIE SALON - Antiquités & Astier de Villatte: En route ma Poule!

Galerie Salon

4 rue Bourbon le château

75006 Paris

Photographs: © Galerie Salon

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