A Story of Concrete Walls

Photos from 101 Woonideen via delicious Vosges Paris blog.

These pictures of Swedish architect and interior designer's Johan Israelson were featured in Dutch magazine 101 Woonideen  and have circulated the blogosphere. Formerly a brewery in the countryside of Gotland, Johan Israelson was very attentive to keep the house its rough and industrial look. I have just discovered that the April issue of Wallpaper Magazine features 10 pages on trompe l'oeil concrete wallpapers designed by Norwegian photographer Tom Haga.

Here are some pictures from the inspiration section of Tom Haga's website:

Via Twenty one tonnes blog

Twenty one tonnes is a small trade project importing artisanal decor and accessories from around the world. Its purpose is  to explore and share global crafting traditions, while supporting and promoting the work of talented artisans. The name of the blog comes from the fact that twenty one tonnes is the maximum payload of a standard shipping container.

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