Fantaisie (1) Charlotte Mann's Bespoke Murals

1 Mural-maker Charlotte Mann in the hallway of writer India Knight's home
2 A life-size bike at London School of Life
3 Unknown
4 Unknown
5 Peter Jansen's showcase 2010

Charlotte Mann is a young British mural artist who creates  trompe l'oeil drawings in 1:1 scale with only a pen or a black marker. “I’m fascinated by the paradox of attempting to represent an environment with depth, life-sized but in two dimensions." She explains that creating that kind of scale-drawings comes from her childhood. "I am from this little town Bringay in Suffolk, where you can get free rolls of paper because the big industry there is bookprinting for Penguin Books. So every time my parents had a party, we would get this paper, staple it to the walls and ceilings and just draw over it." from www.wmagazine.com/w/blogs/editorsblog/2010/02/12/peter-jensen.html

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