Pauline dans les nuages. Marianne Evennou's Tale of Two Dormers

Chacun cherche son toit

Two dormers and a skylight, Marianne Evennou has a keen awareness and sensitivity to capture the defining feature of a place and the spirit of its inhabitants.  A garret under the roofs of Paris from where Pauline can contemplate the trees dreaming in the grey sky, a ladder to climb to the chambre d'ami -the young woman has friends all over the world, and is always accomodating someone in her romantic attic... A small budget for the refurbishing, but a lot of energy and creativity instead. Marianne led Pauline to use samples of paintings to paint her concrete floor and both of them  rolled up their sleeves to achieve their common dream and seal a longtime friendship and collaboration in bartering. Young and energetic Pauline designed Marianne's website and e-shop while fairy godmother Marianne helped her finding the essence of her  home. 

Links: Marianne Evennou's blog, Tensira

Photos 1, 2, 3 ©  Franck Evennou  Photo 9 ©  Mathieu Haessler


  1. Anonymous12/3/14 10:48

    Nice design in wall as well as in pillow cover!!

  2. Un ensemble qui permet de garder les pieds sur terre tout en pouvant s'evader...

  3. I love those light zig zag steps above the sink! If it's ever for rent on airbnb I'll take it!