Utterly Blue, Glorying White

Do you know the New York sky? You should, it is 

supposed to be known. It is outsanding. It is a serious

thing. Can you remember the Paris sky? How unreliable, 

most of the time gray, often warm and damp, never quite

perfect, indulging  in clouds and shades; rain, breeze and

sun sometimes managing to appear together. But the New

York sky is blue, utterly blue. The light is white, a 

glorying white and the air is strong and it is healthy too. 

There is no foolishness about that sky. It is a beautiful

 thing. It is pure. 

Louise Bourgeois, the puritan

Photograph :  Louise Bourgeois, Repairs in the sky from the series What is the Shape of this Problem, 1999 © Moma


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