An Enormously Tiny Bit of a Lot

Bonne année 2015

I wish to all my readers to feel, 

to sense, to taste, 

to breathe and to devour

 the Wild and the Untamed

not just a little bit but

an enormously tiny bit of a lot !

Without me

Anyway without way I came near without bread

Without breath but within with Caspar

With a cake so round through somewhat square

But without growth of grass with scars with warts with fingers

With sticks with many Os and few Gs

But an enormously tiny bit of a lot

Oh fall you down into your hole oh bury you yourself

And your longwinded hope

Give your ego a kick give your id its reward

And whatever is left of you fry it like little fishes in oil

You can peel off your shoes

Photograph, Man Ray. Meret Oppenheim,  Le déjeuner de fourrure, 1936


  1. Best wishes for 2015 filled with Heath and lot of little and big joys to enjoy one by one.

  2. Merci ! Belle Année 2015