Layer upon Layer. Daisuke Yokota's Haunting Places

I dream, therefore I am.

August Strindberg

Playing with memory, elusiveness and loss, Yokota opens the shutter on sublime mindscapes where time and space blur and collapse. Through an intense processing of reworking his material digitally, in his darkroom, or by rephotographing it several times, he emphasizes his understanding of photography as a medium that irrevocably escapes you. In an interview with Peggy Sue Amison he further explains: "When you're going to sleep, you think about the stuff that happened to you that day. You might see some images but they're completely distant from what really happened- they're hazy. You're trying to recall something, and photography can also recall things in this way.(...) I think using these effects of delay, reverb and echo - in photographic terms, developing the film 'badly' and so on, might be a way to alter the sensation of time in a visual way."


Daisuke Yokota

16 May 2014 - 06 July 2014

FOtografiemuseum AMsterdam
  Keizesgracht 609

*Free guided tour and dinner with organic food every Thursday evening in Foam café.

1, 2 Photograhs © Daisuke Yokota, G/P Gallery
3 Photograph © J'attends...

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