Classic with a Twist. Into Paul Smith's Head

Everyday is a new beginning

Paul Smith

An ode to Instability and Movement

For  Sir Paul Smith, inspiration is everywhere and you can find inspiration in everything. The key point is how you SEE and play around with what you can see. His mind seems endlessly busy with the game, making unexpected connections, reworking the traditions with a contemporary edge, breaking the rules. Since he was 11,  when his father- a photographer in Nottingham, offered him his first camera, he never ceased to take pictures, using his shots as a day to day notebook. I like the way he reworked an engraving of a Victorian rose using the input of Kinetic art to convey an idea of instability, movement and adaptability. Adaptability might be the first of his top ten qualities and the secret of his timeless success. Generosity would come second undoubtedly. 

Hello my name is Paul Smith 


15 November 2013- 22 June 2014

1, 5 Photographs from  Hello my name is Paul Smith
2, 3 Photographs via Le Divan Fumoir Bohémien, Le travail de la rose
4, 6 Pol Bury, La Tour Eiffel, Le cycliste, cinétisations photographiques