Mandala. Mikaïl Porollo's Offer to Stillness and Perfection

Everywhere I went, looking up and around me, I was welcomed by the quiet symmetry of things. It all looked so solid and still, calm and contained but at the same time fleeting and fragile; an enchanting kaleidoscope of light, colour and shape. This harmony of form became my mandala. I found myself wanting to capture and commit to memory these moments of recognition. It was the best way I had of renewing my relationship with Belgium and the rest of Europe, of continuing a familiar conversation with fresh curiosity.

Mikhaïl Porollo

Mikaïl Porollo's work confronts us with 'seeing' issue. How do we see and how different cultural identities and background influence our sense of harmony and form? With his work in progress Perfection of Forms he set out to portray round ceilings throughout Europe. He focused on capturing harmony and balance in  "dressed" architectural constructions, offering us a new perspective on cultural representations. On a deeper level his photographs work as a meditation experience and you may perceive them as enlightning mandalas.

Mikaïl Porollo
Christa Reniers Fusion Gallery

February 8 - April 21 2013

61 rue Lebeau 
1000 Bruxelles

See his project Goddesses where he manipulates portraits by creating a non existent symetry of his sitters' faces.

1 Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels 2 Halle Gate, Brussels 3 Ravenstein Gallery, Brussels 4 Palace of music, Barcelona 5 Great Mosque, Brussels 6 Koelkelberg Basilica, Brussels 7 Berlin Cathedral, Berlin All  photographs,©  Mikaïl Porollo

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