Frysk & Frij. Jopie Huisman, la Frise et le hareng nouveau

La cuisine du restaurant de L’Ogenblik n’a rien d’exceptionnel, mais c’est en cela qu’elle est essentielle.

Laurent Feneau, Bruxelles par les moustaches

"Frysk and Frij" is a Frisian common saying meaning "Frisian and free." Playing on the words of the popular phrase, the Jopie Huisman museum in Workum organized an exhibition named Fisk & Frij and dedicated to Jopie Huisman's work and to the Frisian cultural traditions around the fish and fishing. 
Jopie Huisman(1922-2000) is a Dutch painter born in Workum. He is well known to have had an eye for cast offs and scraps. Reflecting on the fish culture in the Netherlands, I came up to think of the tradition of Maatjesharing...

Nieuwe Haring, Dutch New herring is a great seasonal delicacy. Vlaggetjesdag (Flagday) in Scheveningen is a Dutch festival celebrating the arrival of the first new herring of the year in June. Belgian and German people have their own way to prepare and savour its exquisite and tender flesh too. Eating new herring from the tail, with small cubes of onion or just in its naked and innocent simplicity with sushi rice,it is just up to you.

En cherchant à me documenter sur le hareng et en me perdant dans les onglets ouverts, j'ai découvert les chroniques gastronomiques en ligne du magazine Gmag, journal d'informations comestibles, et l'écriture de Laurent Feneau qui m'a mis les mots à la bouche.  

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